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Take action

Share this website, and the photos and images of the slaughterhouses, as far and wide as you can. The industry wants to keep all of this in the dark, but together we can bring it to the light in order to shift the attitudes of the Australian public.

Where available, we've listed the contact details of the slaughterhouses on their individual pages, so that you can tell them directly what you think.

Report Cruelty

There are a lot of untold horror stories happening in slaughterhouses across the country - do you have one? Fill out our anonymous form, and if we think it's legitimate we'll follow it up.


We rely on donations from the public to finance our investigations and to draw public attention towards our findings.

Go Vegan

Above all, the most important thing you can do for the pigs is to stop eating them - and while you're at it, cut out animal products altogether. You'll be doing the animals, the environment and your health a big favour. Every vegan saves around 100 lives a year.