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Oldest abattoir in Vic probed over animal abuse

Thu 24 Nov 2016 by (Sky News)

This article relates to the following facility: Riverside Meats Abattoir (Aussie Abattoirs)

One of Victoria's oldest abattoirs is under investigation after workers were secretly filmed mistreating animals for the second time in three years.

Victorian abattoir regulator PrimeSafe has demanded four staff at Riverside Meats be stood down and more than 170 hours of video is now being reviewed by authorities.

Animals Australia obtained the footage anonymously several weeks ago and handed it to authorities.

Animal's Australia executive director Glenys Oogjes says in one of the worst examples, a pig in a restraint box - that is designed only for cattle - suffers four shots from a captive bolt gun before being shot twice with a rifle.

The ordeal lasts more than six minutes.

Victoria's chief vet Charles Milne says it's one of the worst cases of animal abuse he's encountered.

Dr Milne said the videos were "extremely distressing" and people should think carefully before watching them.

Riverside Meats was sanctioned over cruelty allegations in 2013, but Dr Milne said the new claims are a step above.

Riverside Meats was contacted for comment on Wednesday afternoon.

Riverside Meats later said it was disturbed by the video.

"We believed we had taken action to ensure all staff were trained and equipment was safe," spokesman Chris Peat told the ABC.

"We are disturbed and saddened by the cruelty depicted in the video."

The company would support the installation of round-the-clock CCTV to monitor the facility, Mr Peat said.



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Source: Animals Australia

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