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Horrifying footage shows abattoir workers drowning pigs in boiling water and aggressively throwing sheep around slaughterhouse

Fri 24 Aug 2018 by Zoe Zaczek (Daily Mail Australia)

This article relates to the following facility: Strath Meats (Aussie Abattoirs)

Horrific footage from inside an abattoir shows the brutal and bloody measures workers use to kill the animals. 

The shocking video footage filmed at Strath Meats near Adelaide shows the electrical stunning of pigs and sheep, live cows hanging from the ceiling by one leg and pigs drowning to death in front of other pigs. 

Abattoir workers are also seen drowning pigs in boiling brown water while they struggle. 

The footage - which is credited to Animal Liberation NSW - was obtained by anonymous activists.

It was then shared by Aussie Farms in a bid to draw attention to the inhumane treatment of animals in slaughterhouses. 

The compilation shows the terrifying murder instruments used at the abattoir including serrated blades, bullet shells and a rusted heavy metal hammer. 

Pigs are seen to be in visible pain and are heard screaming when poorly stunned. 

The video shows countless occasions where pigs are killed in front of other pigs. Blood spits out of their necks while they have a fit on the ground of the scalding tank.

Workers at the abattoir aggressively push and throw sheep around inside the slaughterhouse.

They also attempt to stun the sheep multiple times before they are rendered unconscious, forcing them to endure extreme pain.

Cows are seen hanging from the roof by one leg while the other leg aggressively shakes to try and free themselves from the inevitable killing. 

Aussie Farms Inc was established in 2014 and describes itself as 'a free public repository, information centre and toolkit for animal rights activists in Australia.'  

'The ever-growing library of material began to prove beyond doubt that animal abuse was not only commonplace, but in fact inherent to industries that exploit or use animals for profit,' the website states.  

'The footage has been provided to the RSPCA but a prosecution is not expected,' Chris Delforce from Aussie Farms told Daily Mail Australia.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Strath Meats Abattoir for comment.