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Animal activists say new vision exposes acts of cruelty in NSW abattoir

Thu 29 Aug 2019 by Summer Woolley (7 News)

This article relates to the following facility: Picton Meatworx (Wollondilly Abattoir) (Aussie Abattoirs)

Vision has emerged from inside a New South Wales abattoir, claiming to expose acts of animal cruelty.

The footage, purported to have been filmed inside the Picton Meatworx slaughterhouse, appears to show pigs being beaten with mallets, having their throats slit and experiencing slow deaths.

The footage was released by animal rights organisations, Aussie Farms and Animals Within.

In a statement, Aussie Farms said the vision was recorded by a university student while "undertaking a placement at the facility as part of their animal science degree".

The Animal Justice Party's Emma Hurst said the footage makes it clear the animal agriculture industry needs transparency.

“It is time the NSW government got serious about protecting animals and ensuring that the perpetrators of these horrific crimes are brought to justice,” Ms Hurst said.

NSW Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall said the reports are deeply disturbing.

"RSPCA NSW and the food authority have launched urgent investigations into this matter,” Marshall said.

Picton Meatworx has not responded to requests for comment.