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Hundreds of ex-racing horses 'slaughtered in three weeks'

Fri 18 Oct 2019 by John Ellicott (The Land)

This article relates to the following facilities: Meramist Abattoir (Aussie Abattoirs)

The chief of Racing Australia, former NSW Premier, Barry O'Farrell, said he was "appalled" and "shocked" at vision of the cruelty to ex-racehorses in an abattoir sent to slaughter.

The ABC has revealed many registered racehorses have been sent to slaughter in NSW after retirement even though it is against the rules of racing in the state and tens of millions of dollars has been spent on rehoming retired racehorses.

The ABC program also pinpointed one horse meat export abattoir in Queensland where many interstate racehorses had ended up, with claims up to 300 racehorses were slaughtered in 22 days at the Meramist abattoir. Slaughtering horses is not illegal and a large majority of them are quarter horses.