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Cradoc Hill Abattoir (Huon Valley Meat Co - James Lord)

Cradoc Hill Abattoir

Location: Cradoc Hill Road, Cygnet TAS
Owned by: Huon Valley Meat Co - James Lord
Last known status: Closed

Closed by owner as of late December 2017 following the release of covertly-obtained footage.

Cradoc Hill Abattoir is the third Tasmanian slaughterhouse to be exposed in a year, starting with Gretna Quality Meats in late 2016, a small-scale local abattoir where egregious cruelty to pigs, cows and sheep was uncovered, followed by Tasmanian Quality Meats at Cressy, with footage of shocking cruelty to sheep and bobby calves proving animal welfare breaches are also commonplace at large export-grade abattoirs.

Now, proudly dubbed an “ethical abattoir”, the footage from Cradoc Hill (owned by Huon Valley Meat Co) shows terrified animals trying to escape, improper stunning techniques and physical and verbal abuse of cows, sheep and pigs. Outside behind the slaughterhouse, large piles of rotting carcasses, organs, severed heads and other body parts are left to rot.

For a business in which "paddock-to-plate" is their mantra, it may come as an uncomfortable truth to clients, including the notable name of Matthew Evans – The Gourmet Farmer, that the promise of happy slaughter is an impossible one to keep.   

With no action yet taken against Gretna Quality Meats or Tasmanian Quality Meats by the authorities, Animal Liberation Tasmania is now calling for the Tasmanian community to use their power as consumers to hold these facilities accountable.

Further information about this facility may be available on the Aussie Farms Repository: Cradoc Hill Abattoir