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Australian slaughterhouses exposed for cruelty (21 so far)

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Snowtown Abattoir

Snowtown Abattoir

Location: Augusta Highway, Snowtown SA
Last known status: Open and operating

Hidden camera footage released by Animal Liberation in September 2018 shows:

  • Goats freezing to death overnight in the outer holding pens
  • Goats picked off in front of each other with a bolt gun in a small, confined room, many screaming in fear
  • Sheep killed while partly or fully conscious
  • Cows shot multiple times with a rifle as they try to escape the knockbox
  • Pigs reluctant to enter the knockbox, stunned and sometimes cut in front of each other, writhing and thrashing violently on the floor as they bleed out, their heads then partly severed before a hook is used to drag them across the room to a bathtub used as a makeshift scalding tank
  • Children working the kill floor, one playing with a hanging pig’s head as a toy

The footage was captured for the documentary Dominion, released earlier in the year.

Further information about this facility may be available on the Aussie Farms Repository: Snowtown Abattoir