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Australian slaughterhouses exposed for cruelty (23 so far)

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Strath Meats

Strath Meats

Location: Ashbourne Road, Strathalbyn SA
Owned by: Strath Pastoral Pty Ltd
Last known status: Open and operating

Hidden camera footage released by Animal Liberation in August 2018 shows:

  • Poor electrical stunning of pigs, causing clear pain (screams), and pigs still visibly conscious when throats cut
  • Pigs stunned and killed in front of each other
  • Pigs who haven’t been properly stunned drowning to death in scalding tank
  • Workers throwing/shoving sheep
  • Poor electrical stunning of sheep, again causing clear pain and often requiring multiple attempts before sheep rendered unconscious
  • Sheep regularly escaping knockbox and running around the kill floor amongst the hanging bodies
  • Slaughter of five-day-old male calves, who are ‘waste products’ of the dairy industry – previously thought to not happen in South Australia

The footage was provided to the RSPCA earlier in 2018, who as of August concluded that there would be no charges laid, as the cruelty depicted is lawful and standard-practice.


As of 2001 were killing camels, may not anymore given Peterborough kills camels.

Kills pigs and other animals for Austral Meat: "Our livestock is processed at Strath Pastoral – a multi-species, accredited facility. We maintain a close relationship with this abattoir, enabling us to control a consistent standard of product integrity."

Also kill deer- Onkaparinga Valley Venison has been processing deer at the Strathalbyn Abattoir since 1992, during which time various grades of ecchymosis have been noted in the meat. During 1998, the killing system for sheep was updated to enable slaughtering of deer, in an effort to lower the occurrence of ecchymosis. 

Further information about this facility may be available on the Aussie Farms Repository: Strath Meats